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Get consistency and performance from project to project Our finishes deliver high-quality color that doesn’t fade with time. We guarantee color consistency, not only from project to project but also from product to product. See the many options, listed below.

Reynobond® Design Line, an innovative paint breakthrough using Duragloss™ DL, an advanced polymer finish, featuring nature-inspired patterns and textures that are ideal for outdoor project applications. Design Line™ finishes resist sun, extreme temperatures, humidity – even salt water. The Duragloss™ DL paint finish is made to last, with a 20-year warranty.

Color Chart - ReynoBond Color Chart - ReynoBond


REYNOBOND Fire-Proof aluminum composite Panel has successfully established its approval in fire-performance tests of state quality supervision.


Fire-Proof aluminum composite Panel G 1 (combustibility)

Under French license

Thickness 4 mm Width 1220mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm 1570mm (maximum) Length up to 6000 mm Aluminium thickness 0.50mm Dimensional Tolerances


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