General Specifications

Nanjing University has three campuses: one is in No.22 Hankou Street, Gulou District; one is in No.163 Xianlin Street, Xianlin District; the last one is in No.8 Pukou Street, Pukou District. Apartment for International Students is in Gulou and Pukou Campus, the accommodation’s price is approximately 25-100 RMB/Day.

The Institute for International Students is the unit that oversees the recruitment, education, and administration of international students. Its offices are in Tsang Hin Chi Building, on Gulou Campus of Nanjing University. Next to Tsang Hin Chi Building is Xiyuan Dormitory for international students. The dormitory’s address is: No. 20 Jinyin Street, Shanghai Road (in the northwest of Gulou Campus). It’s very convenient to live and study here.


REYNOBOND Fire-Proof aluminum composite Panel has successfully established its approval in fire-performance tests of state quality supervision.


Fire-Proof aluminum composite Panel G 1 (combustibility)

Under French license

Nanjing linhe Campus
ACP : ReynoBond
Color : Silver
Qty : 3000 m2
Coating : PVDF


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